Price Policy


Price Policy for the Eurasian Science Review

The Eurasian Science Review adheres to an open-access model, ensuring that all published articles are freely accessible to the global academic community and beyond. Our pricing policy is structured to support this model while upholding the highest standards of academic publishing.

Open Access Fee:

  • Upon acceptance of an article for publication, authors are required to pay an open-access fee.
  • The fee for publishing an article in the Eurasian Science Review is US$ 35.
  • This fee is applicable only after the article has been officially accepted for publication in the journal.

Payment Procedure:

  • Once an article is accepted, the corresponding author will receive an invoice with detailed payment instructions.
  • Payment must be completed for the article to be published. The publication process will proceed only after the payment is received.

Purpose of the Fee:

  • The open access fee contributes to the cost of managing the peer review process, typesetting, hosting, indexing articles in various databases, and ensuring that the article is freely available to all upon publication.
  • This fee ensures that articles are accessible without subscription or access fees, promoting wider dissemination and visibility of the work.


  • The Eurasian Science Review is committed to transparency in its financial transactions. The open access fee is solely to cover the costs associated with the publication process and ensure open access to quality academic content.