Archiving Policy

Archiving Policy for the Eurasian Science Review

The Eurasian Science Review is committed to the long-term preservation and accessibility of the scholarly research it publishes. Our archiving policy is designed to ensure that all articles remain available to the academic community, researchers, and the public for future reference and use.

Key Aspects of Our Archiving Policy:

  1. Digital Archiving:

    • All articles published in the Eurasian Science Review are archived digitally. This includes the final published version of each manuscript along with any supplementary materials.
    • Digital archiving ensures that even if the physical medium or technology changes, the content remains secure and accessible.
  2. Access and Retrieval:

    • Archived articles are stored in a way that allows for easy access and retrieval. This means that authors, researchers, and the public can access past articles without any restrictions or paywalls.
    • The integrity of the digital files is regularly checked to ensure that they remain free from corruption and readable.
  3. Redundancy:

    • To safeguard against data loss, articles are stored in multiple redundant locations. This multi-site storage approach ensures that the data is secure even in the case of a disaster or technical failure at one location.
  4. Compliance with Standards:

    • Our archiving strategy is in line with international standards and best practices for digital preservation. This ensures that our methods are up-to-date and effective.
    • We regularly review and update our archiving procedures to stay aligned with technological advancements and industry norms.
  5. Collaboration with Libraries and Repositories:

    • The Eurasian Science Review collaborates with various libraries and digital repositories to ensure broader preservation and accessibility. This includes depositing copies of our publications in institutional and national repositories.
    • These collaborations enhance the stability and permanence of the archived content.
  6. Continued Accessibility:

    • Our commitment is to maintain the accessibility of published content indefinitely. This enduring access is crucial for the ongoing utility of the research we publish.
  7. Handling Format Changes:

    • In the event of changes in digital formats, we will undertake necessary actions to migrate content to current formats to ensure ongoing accessibility.